Summer Walker unveiled her post-baby body and asked for privacy after confirming that she gave birth to her daughter with London On Da Track.

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“So let’s all forget I was pregnant & move on with our lives so I can enjoy my little angel in peace,” the singer wrote on Instagram.

Some parents create Instagram accounts for their children, or fans create fan pages dedicated to the child. But Summer Walker told her fans not to wait on one.


“So I guess a fan made this made this page but let’s be very clear, there will be no picture of my child on the internet,” the “Playing Games” singer wrote. In the caption she added, “Don’t be sick & obsessed. Let’s respect my privacy.”

This isn’t the first time that Summer Walker has been protective of her child. She sounded off on fans who were allegedly sneaking photos of the baby bump that she was denying.

“You know you can ask, right?” she said in an Instagram video. “You don’t have to like be a weirdo and a f******* creep and run behind counters and hide behind shelves and running through aisles and all types of weird a** s*** and alley-oops with the phone with your legs with the camera. You can just ask because I see you. I’ve caught like four motherf******. I think it’s really disrespectful. I think it’s hella disrespectful in the situation that I am in to be doing that but…you can just ask.”

Sadly the announcement was robbed from Summer after one of London’s baby’s mother’s, Eboni, spilled the tea.

“Summmerrr is pregggnantttt noun noun a boo boo,” she wrote on her Instagram story in November 2020. “I said what I said. Yeah, Summer pregnant by a n**** putting his 3 baby moms on child support currently wit open cases.”

Summer Walker has documented her on-and-off relationship with her child’s father and they’re working on a secret project together with Diddy.

Congratulations to the couple on their bundle of joy.