Whether it’s from spitting in someone’s mouth or punching someone in the face, Trey Songz always seems to find his way in the headlines. This time around, the R&B bad boy is in the media, after being called out by rapper, Foogiano.

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Foogiano, signed to 1017, was arrested earlier this month in Memphis, Tennessee, and charged with fugitive from justice, reportedly in connection to a burglary. According to authorities, the Georgia rapper has been wanted for nearly three months prior to his arrest after he violated his probation by removing his ankle monitor and then disappearing.

Although the rapper is behind bars, that did not stop him from calling out Trey Songz. It all begins after the “Circles” singer posted a photo of Renni Rucci to his Instagram, causing some to believe the singer could have been shooting his shot. Once Foogiano caught wind of the post, he sent two messages to Trey Songz, as Renni Rucci and Foogiano are reportedly still dating despite the rapper being behind bars.


“Slap the shit out you when I get out @treysongz. From The Mayor.” someone uploaded on Foogiano’s story. In case anyone had any question about Foogiano being hacked or if it was really him or not, the 1017 artists’ video jail call has been posted with the same threat.

“Trey, you a b*tch. I’m gon’ slap the f*ck out you when I catch you, boy. You better have a lot of security with you and I’ll slap the f*ck out them, too, with yo old ass. Sangin ass n***a, you ain’t gon’ sing when I catch your b*tch ass, boy.” he said.

Although the message was aggressive, Songz didn’t seem to be too phased as he posted a picture of himself with the caption, “Picture dat,” followed by laughing emojis.

If there are any modern-day bad boys of R&B it is most likely to have Chris Brown and Trey Songz on that list. Let’s hope the two stay out of trouble.

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