At one point in time, it was “Durk & Dej,” after Lil Durk and Dej Loaf released their single “My Beyonce” in 2015. Now it’s all about India Royale and Lil Durk, as the Chicago rapper has given fans a three-part serenade named after India, mother of his child, Willow.

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While the couple seems to remain on the private side when it comes to their relationship, here and there, fans are spoiled with a little PDA from the couple. When India tried to acknowledge her man’s hard work in the studio, fans came at her stating that she had “baby momma syndrome.”

“Durk be working his ass off,” she tweeted.


“Rapper babymomma syndrome is a curse,” a fan responded.

“Yall are obsessed with us,” India wrote back.

India then tweeted, “It be the men hating. They be wanting to f*ck the rappers. No cap, when I go concerts n*ggas be about to beat the b*tches asses tryna get next to the rappers.”

One social media user made allegations that Durk had a love child on India in which India came to shut the rumor down. “Yall say India and Durk relationship goals but this n*gga had a baby on her and dont be there fir the other kids,” the person wrote.

“Girl, no tf he didn’t. And yes tf he do,” India responded.

While the couple is private, one thing is for sure. They won’t tolerate anyone speaking down on their relationship.