Words by Brittany Burton

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It’s been a stellar year for Lil Durk. The Chicago mainstay has held his own in a series of high-profile appearances that have done their part in buoying the young star’s growing catalog. In that same scope, Durk hasn’t shied away from lending his starpower to a handful of younger voices. It’s a characteristic that isn’t foreign to his career.

In his most recent appearance, fans can catch Durkio leanding a tough assist to Detroit upstart Tay B on the young emcee’s “Stashbox” cut.
Tay B has done an impressive job at generating a steady buzz in his hometown, cultivating a career poised for the mainstream at any moment. With “Stashbox”,” he clocks in his biggest release by far, pairing the single with a fire visual, giving fans all the infectious vibes needed in the process.


In the video you can catch Tay dripped out in Christian Dior, spitting some of his hardest flows to date. Durk who appears on screen dressed in a bright orange and white ensemble rounds out the perfect partner for B, both visually and sonically. It’s clear that they have an electric on camera chemistry.

Equipped with confident and consistent cadence, Tay goes on the offense: “You steady, flexin’ fifty K, that s**t I laugh ’bout, my opp got eighty-nine shells I pop gas now, I got a hundred on my wrist because my cash up, I get on bulls**t and pick the mask up.”

His catchy and memorable punchlines continue throughout as Durk annihilates the chorus in typical Durkio fashion.

Stream “Stashbox” below.