By Tobbylola Oniga

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Cara Delvingne is known for “pioneering” the big brow movement. Beauty Mogul Rihanna Fenty, is known for always having “perfect brows”.

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Mastering the perfect brow is one of the most difficult steps when doing your makeup. There is no brow alike, lean into the mirror or look at your friends-you see what we mean? From shaping and  filling in your brows, to knowing the difference between pomade and an eyebrow pencil,  creating the perfect brow can be very frustrating. Think about your brow goals, are they sparse and thin or rogue and unruly. There are so many options these days to create the perfect brow, where pencil and powder are perfect to use to fill and thicken, gel and tweezers are perfect for  shape and hold .  Still not sure what to do?  Look no further there’s an app for that.  Anastasia Beverly Hills has created a virtual solution with experts at your finger fingertips.


The Brow App has been available on IOS and Androids since March 1, 2021. The app’s goal is to assist its user’s with creating perfect eyebrows from beginning to end with tips and product recommendations.

Users are asked to take a quick quiz about how their brows look, what they want them to look like, and how advanced they are doing their brows. After completing the quiz, you will be redirected to the home page to see your “best brow” based on your quiz, and other potential options.

Anastasia Beverly Hills The Brow App is available to download now on iOS and Android.