Lil Uzi Vert and JT’s relationship may now be public, but so is the tension between Yung Miami and the “Money Longer” rapper. In the past, Yung Miami joked about being cussed out by Lil Uzi while on live with JT but after yesterday, fans may now have reason to speculate that things are not all fun and games after all.

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In the live video, Lil Uzi can be heard asking Yung Miami repeatedly if he was speaking to Caresha, despite her intentionally ignoring him. In the midst of the tension, Yung Miami suggests that she and Uzi don’t have to have a friendship, which would be cool with her.

“It ain’t even about that though,” Uzi stated. “You know me. I ain’t ever got to see you just like you ain’t never got to see me.”


 When JT tried to interrupt Uzi to calm him down, Uzi came at her as well. “JT told me, she like — Uzi you ain’t gone do nothing but make it worse but you know, clearly I run this sh*t and this is mine, everything is mine,” Uzi says before JT attempts to interrupt him again.

“Shut Up JT, If I told you tongue kiss me on this live right now, you gone do it, so just chill,” Uzi said. While Uzi made more attempts to talk to Yung Miami, she refused to engage in further conversation with him.

“I never did nothing to you this your second time doing that to me. This your second time. So at this point, it’s just like okay,” Yung Miami stated.

Once the live video ended, fans took to social media expressing that they feel like JT could’ve “controlled” Lil Uzi better than she did. “The way Jt let uzi disrespect caresha on live, I will never in lifeeee !!!” one fan tweeted.

“I can see it now.. Uzi is gone be the reason Caresha and Jt fall out..Cause the way he was talking to Caresha and Jt aint say nothing,” another fan stated.

We’ll if no one had Yung Miami’s back during the live, Southside the producer made sure to defend his girlfriend.

“I’mma say this one time. Ay, Uzi, don’t address none to my b*tch, my n*gga,” he begin. “You handle your b*tch, n*gga, you stay on your side.”

“You got one more time to say something, I promise you I’mma punch your teeth out your mouth. Don’t say nothing else, n*gga… If you don’t like my b*tch, don’t like my b*tch. Let them do them… Stay the little weirdo you is, keep rockin’ purses, keep doin’ that b*tch sh*t you doing.”

While fans have reason to believe that the tension is real and there may be potential beef, JT came to Twitter to clear the air. “& he was deadasss playing as usual I just didnt want him talking to much cause he was drinking stfu I’ll delete this sh*t and come back when I feel like it.”

While nothing more has been said about the situation on social media, we hope everyone is able to bury the hatchet. Check out the videos below.