Among collabs between rappers, not very many come close to touching a Drake and Rick Ross collab. In fact, many people’s favorite songs from the two artists are ones where they worked together. Rozay recently announced that the two are seriously considering a joint album.

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In an interview with MiAsia, Ross was asked if the people are going to get a Drake and Rick Ross album. Rozay replied that after the release of “Lemon Pepper Freestyle,” the two “had that conversation,” and “its definitely under serious consideration.”

This isn’t the first time a Drizzy and Ross project has been teased. Back in 2011, Drake announced a joint mixtape entitled Y.O.L.O. between the two. However, the album never came to fruition. At the time, Drake said Ross was going through health issues and he himself was just “stashing” beats.


After the release of “Lemon Pepper Freestyle,” Chad Ochocinco chimed in and said that if the two did drop a joint project, it would overshadow their previous collaborations.

“The joint album they’re doing together will unseat all projects they’ve done to date,” Johnson tweeted.

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You can check out the full interview between Ross and MiAsia below. The question about the joint album is around the 7:30 mark.