It has been a very busy past few weeks for the Quality Control family. Between Quavo and his drama with Saweetie, to the City Girls drama with Lil Uzi, to Offset robbery rumors circulating the internet we don’t know who has the pot the hottest right now.

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In a recent live, JT was seen trying to calm down her superstar boyfriend from what it seems like was Uzi attacking Yung Miami. This caused Yung Miami’s boyfriend to step in and threaten to knock the teeth of Uzi’s mouth if he keeps up the disrespect towards his woman.

A lot of fans believed that the back and forth would split the rap duo apart after it seemed like JT wasn’t able to control Lil Uzi from “doing too much” on Instagram live.


JT stepped on her Instagram live to clear the air and address the rumors.

“That was an inside joke. He was literally talking in code and after that said he love her and some mo’ sh-t,” JT begin. “When did he call her a b-tch? Y’all p-ssies on the internet.  A lot of y’all p-ssies on the internet and painting pictures that why I told him he was too turned up. He always turnt up.”

“Talkin’ ’bout I had to defend my friend. Caresha’s mouth slick as sh-t. My mouth slick as sh-t. That girl ain’t gonna sit there and let nobody—she could have easily end the live if she felt disrespected. That girl knew we was playing. We was just on FaceTime before we got on live. Get the f-ck out of here,” she continued.

“Y’all wanna make it so bad,” JT stated in annoyance before she began to recall some of the comments that suggested JT isn’t being loyal in return to Yung Miami over a man. ” Let it go. F-ck outta here. Y’all be tryin’ to run with these narratives. Get gone,” she said.