Social media and fans of the Atlanta native have been trying to figure out who the mystery man is in Mulatto aka Big Latto’s life. In her recent interviews, Mulatto confirms that she is seeing someone but prefers to keep the relationship private so the public doesn’t ruin what she has going on.

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Mulatto’s fans have been speculating that the rapper is either dating 21 Savage or Key Glock. Recently, 21 Savage hit his Instagram story with a post and delete of the “MuWop” artist, showing his “twin” some love.

“No Makeup. Dam u fine, it’s only 1 way I can come bout you twin,” the rapper wrote with heart eyes.


In the past, 21 denied that he is dating Mulatto but this post and delete has fans thinking otherwise.

While some fans are trying to call the cap on 21 and Mulatto, others are still leaning towards Key Glock and Mulatto being the new “it” couple. Yesterday, in an interview with The Shaderoom, Key Glock was asked if he was single or not.

“People want to know, is Glock single cause you know they say you was dating Big Latto but is Glock single, or is Glock not single?” asked TSR reporter, Buzy Baker.

After a long pause, Key Glock answered and said “Aye, Glock ain’t had a, like, Glock ain’t been in no real relationship—well not real relationship—Glock ain’t been in no relationship probably since high school,” the rapper responded.

While Mulatto is still choosing to keep her silence, her fans will still be trying to piece the puzzle together.

Who do you think Mulatto’s mystery man is Key Glock, 21 Savage, or not even close?