At this point, this isn’t the first time, and may not be the last time that Lil Boosie’s Instagram account gets removed from the popular platform. Not too long ago, the rapper’s page was removed for having too much nudity from women on his live stream. This time, the “Wipe Me Down” rapper’s account has been removed following a video that surfaced on the internet showing a man getting slapped very hard by Boosie for $500.

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Some found the video to be upsetting, while others thought the video was humorous. It’s safe to say, Instagram reps weren’t here for the video after they removed Boosie’s account. As the rapper attempts to restart his Instagram…again, Boosie suggests that a new social media app should be made by black billionaires, and he should be the face of it.

“What yall need to do is, all yall black billionaires, start y’all own Instagram. Let me get part in the ownership. Let me be the face of it,” Boosie said as he streamed from his new account. “I’mma run that motherf*cka. That’s what y’all need to do. All the billionaires—I ain’t got the money. I ain’t got the money. I’m tryin’ to work on an app right now… I gotta figure it out.”


Boosie must be very passionate about this idea, as the hip-hop heavyweight took his thoughts to Twitter. “INSTAGRAM IS RACIST(FACTS)#BLACK BILLIONAIRES LET’S START OUR OWN SOCIAL MEDIA N LET ME RUN IT #takeawaytheypower THEY MAKE THEY MONEY OFF US WITH R WITHOUT YALL IM GO FIND AWAY,” Boosie tweeted with the shoulder shrug emoji.

Is Boosie’s content too explicit for Instagram?