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Cher 1

Everyone has something to say about the The Derek Chauvin case, as it’s only right. This case is going to be one of the most watched trials of our time, because of everything, including justice that is at stake. The singer Cher went to Twitter to tweet her thoughts about the Derek Chauvin- George Floyd’s killer trial. She tweeted, “Was talking with Mom & she said “I watched the trial of the policeman who killed George Floyd and cried.” I said “Mom, I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I kept thinking, maybe If I’d been there, I could’ve helped.”

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This statement she sent on Twitter created some backlash. She went back on Twitter to clarify and address all the negativity surrounding her initial tweet. “I wrestled with this tweet because I thought some people wouldn’t understand or believe an entertainer could have honest emotions about a human Being, suffering and dying, even if it’s only shown on TV.”

She also tweeted, “You don’t know what I’ve done, who I am, or what I believe. I can, I have & I will help.” Cher wanted to convey the importance and reason behind her message and wanted her fans to understand that she is human and does feel strong about wishing she could of helped to avoid human suffering.


Cher added another tweet saying, “I Just got off the phone with my friend Karen. Told her what happened and realized, you can piss people off and hurt them by not knowing everything that’s NOT Appropriate to say. I know people apologize when they’re in a jam but raised back of hand to Gods folded hands. I’m truly sorry If I upset any one in black community. I know my heart.” What do you all think about Cher’s original statement?