The trajectory of Erica Banks has been skyrocketing following the #BussItChallenge, which made her “Buss It” single a hit. Now that she is becoming a household name, we are beginning to learn more about her career, and the offers that she turned down.

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Speaking with Clinton Sparks, Banks revealed that she turned down an offer from DaBaby and the Billion Dollar Baby label before entering her deal with Warner Records and 1501 Certified Entertainment.

“I had already turned everybody down,” said Erica Banks. “I personally did not sign with DaBaby because I was very excited, it was my second offer, I was like, ‘hell yeah’. I was about to get all the planning done. But then I called my mom, like, ‘this is what I’m about to do, I’m about to go sign with DaBaby.’ She’s like, ‘oh no, we need to slow down. This is only the second offer. We’re not gonna just jump on whatever.'”