Our mommas warned us before, “if you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all.” Detroit singer Queen Naija most likely wishes she listened to that lesson after fans won’t seem to let go of some past comments she made regarding black women.

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The singer is gearing up to release the deluxe version of her album Misunderstood...Still. After releasing the cover to her new single featuring Ari Lennox, some people felt the need to warn Ari Lennox on who she was working with. “@Arilennox Bae, this who you want on the track?” one fan wrote.

“I enjoy Ari Lennox as an artist and with recent photos of her in the studio with Missy Elliott, JD, Bryan M. Cox, Johnta, and Organized Noize it’s promising that she won’t be a victim of the sophomore jinx. I’d just like to know who said, “‘Let’s put a song out with Queen Naija,'” another fan wrote.


Queen Naija has made some unpleasant statements about black women before the fame in a Youtube video with her ex-husband Chris Sails. In the video, she states, “Not to be funny but it seem like always lil black nappy-headed — I’m sorry y’all but it seem like lil nappy headed girls would bully me,” Naija said before referring to the group of girls as ugly.

Despite the many times Naija has explained her actions and apologized for her comments, cancel culture still seems to aim at Naija’s career.

“Never forget that Queen Naija told a black woman to take a bleach bath right after being accused of being colorist due to her “Lil black girls with terrible hairstyles” comment and then deleted. I will never support her…she’s an industry plant anyways,” a Twitter user commented on the singer.

While Queen Naija and Ari Lennox’s’ collab single, “Set Him Up” is set to release April 7th, Naija spoke out via Twitter in response to all of the hate.

“Lol the fact that people think they can get “rid” of me or take me off my own song is ridiculous,” she began. “I don’t want nor need y’all’s validation to continue to win! whatever y’all say about or to me cannot stop my blessings. The ratio of people who love me outweighs the hate!”

Queen Naija has repeatedly apologized for her past remarks and has made a video addressing the entire situation on her Youtube channel. Will you be tuning in to her single “Set Him Up” once released?