Freddie Gibbs losing Best Rap Album to Nas at the Grammys this year might be the fuel he needed to give us another classic album.

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The Gary-bred MC has been on a run these last couple of years, collaborating with legendary producers such as The Alchemist and Madlib to create truly classic albums. During an interview with UK-based publication, Mixmag, Freddie Gibbs dropped the list of producers that will be featured on his upcoming album, SSS.

“Its another album of the year,” Gibbs said. “I’m about to go and work with Pharrell next week. Madlib, Working on Dying, The Alchemist, Sevn Thomas, Hit-Boy, just talked to Mike-Will-Made-It. It’s gonna be the best produced album that I ever made.”


“I think I’m the best ever to rap on a Madlib beat,” he told the magazine. “Rest in peace to MF DOOM. I feel like he gave me the measuring stick. He set the tone. When I was making Piñata, everyone was talking about how he did the best shit and you know the competitor in me wanted to make the better album.”

While Gibbs did not offer any reason as to why his upcoming album is named SSS, the album is going to be one of the most anticipated this year.