In celebration of women’s history month, the Multicultural Media Correspondents Association hosted its first annual virtual “Shero’s in Media Gala” Wednesday, March 31st to celebrate the power and resiliency of women who are leading media organizations and fighting for diversity in journalism.

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The six honorees included Lisa Mathews, President of the National Press Club; Francine Compton, President of the Native American Journalism Association; Michelle Lee, President of the Asian American Journalism Association; Nora Lopez,  President of the National Association of Hispanic Journalism; Heather Cohen Chair Alliance for Women in Media & Foundation; Julie Burton President and CEO of Women’s Media Center and Dorothy Tucker President National Association of Black Journalists.  The theme of the night amongst all that attended, was to empower multicultural voices in the media to tell their stories within their culture and their communities.

“We tell better stories when your newsroom reflects the community,” says Nora Lopez. “When you are reading from media companies, editors and writers that look like you the world will better understand who you are in turn breaking down the walls of prejudice.”


She adds, “As the night moved forward, the honorees were given their flowers and accepted their awards, thought leadership and strategy took over. The women who commanded the room or should we say  Facebook Live and Zoom, inspired and commanded us to all form alliances and work together.”

“If I can wave a magic wand, it would be that all newsrooms look like tonight,” says award winner Lisa Mathews and President of the Press Club. 

She also reminded us to not forget young people. “We owe it to young people to be there for them and to give back with our time and mentorship.”

Who runs the world and tells our stories? GIRLS!!!!  If you are a journalist, content creator, or just want to be inspired then watch the want to be inspired by this group of amazing women then watch the award show below or click to link for more information on MMCDC.