Paul Pierce might not be unemployed for very long. While ESPN let go of Pierce for a viral video stream he himself uploaded. Never the opportunist, Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports is looking to capitalize on the opportunity.

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Portnoy immediately began recruiting Pierce when news surfaced that ESPN was parting ways with the former NBA star. The Barstool founder first sent a tweet indicating he wants Pierce to call him.

Then on Tuesday, Portnoy said during his popular “Davey Day Trader” stream that he has reached out to Pierce.


“Listen, Paul Pierce, I’m gonna make a run at Paul Pierce,” Portnoy said. “I’m gonna make a run at his a–. I reached out. Contact has been made. He got fired from ESPN for having strippers and blunts in the background of a Livestream. Whatever, I don’t give an f— about that. We’d love to have him.”

Barstool has grown into a massive media and sports gambling company. They have hired some high-profile former athletes, the most recently hired was Deion Sanders.

Getting Pierce onboard would fit two categories they love in basketball and gambling. If Pierce wants to work in a laid-back environment away from the Walt Disney structure of ESPN, this offer might be it.