As of lately, there have been a lot of shade and rumors surrounding The City Girls. Fans are believing the root of the problem has to do with JT’s industry boo, Lil Uzi Vert. It all began a week ago, after an awkward Instagram live stream between Yung Miami and Lil Uzi where Yung Miami repeated that she and Lil Uzi didn’t have to be friends due to his inappropriate attitude towards her.

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JT went on Instagram live to explain that Uzi was just playing with Yung Miami and that everything was all good between the City Girls, as fans began to expect that Lil Uzi will eventually come in between the Miami rap duo.

Before that, JT defended her boyfriend when his ex-girlfriend, Brittany alleged that the rapper was in her DM’s trying to win her back. Now, JT is stepping in to clear up the latest rumor regarding her boo in someone else’s DM’s.


A woman by the name of Juicy Delise, who is the sister of Yung Miami’s late baby father Jai, claims that the “Eternal Atake” rapper was also in her Dm’s.

“Never play on my sister top I love her just like Jai did,” Deslise wrote on her Instagram story.

“How do it feel to really have so much hate in your heart you make up lies? sh*t not adding up photo shopping horrible forgot the avi….leave him alone BEFORE me he was a random weirdo in y’all world …now I’m starting to see who the weirdos,” JT responded on her IG story.

Before directly addressing JT Delise wrote on her story, “I raised you.. I’m done!!!!!”

“Jatavia Jatavia… **** you! I left you on read all day and didn’t answer your call. Nextttttt.”

While this situation has fans feeling concerned, it’s safe to say Uzi is getting annoyed by the constant drama too. The rapper posted on his Instagram story, “This when I lose my cool.”

Could there really be some tension to fix up behind the scenes between the City Girls?