San Diego Hip-Hop artist Biggie Babylon has put on his creator gloves again to release his newest track and music video, “All In”, a smooth energy rap track that won’t disappoint, thanks to a jaw dropping performance. With a seemingly effortless but brilliant technique, Biggie Babylon switches lanes and pursues his relentless creative spirit, this time merging rap, pop, and autotune effects in a powerful way. The Chaldean Hip-Hop artist is getting ready to take on the stage when concerts and festivals will be back, and is meanwhile working on the finishing touches of his latest album, Coronado California, produced by Thom Genius, Mev The Renegade and Dabato. The rapper has come a long way since he started music, and can be proud of the hard work and perseverance he’s demonstrated throughout the years, dropping epic albums like The Greenprint, #HipHopNDance, and C.E.O.G

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“All In” was recorded at his producer Thom Genius’s garage when all the studios were shut down during the pandemic, and has reached #2 record globally on DRT. His speedy rise to the very top of the charts would come as no surprise for this massive production, setting a soothing vibe that never loses its momentum from start to finish. 

Speaking about his message in “All In,” Biggie Babylon shares: “The message I want to get across is that you can’t just come in and buy your way into success.  If you really want to win you have to risk everything you have. Then, and then only, can you really win.” 


The road ahead seems brighter than ever for this rapper, entrepreneur and cannabis mogul who has performed in Paris, Dubai and Mexico, opening for Mobb Deep, Ty Dolla $, Twista, Nappy Roots, Devin The Dude, Chingy, and Coolio.