According to a report from Dancehall Magazine, DJ Tommy Lee was arrested and sentenced to three years behind bars for illegal possession of a weapon. Tommy Lee may be looking at more time as the weapon that was found on his person has been linked to the murders of two members of the British Link Up Crew in 2019.

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Roy Fowl and Oney British, two party promoters who started the popular British Link Up Entertainment events in Jamaica and the UK, were allegedly victims of Tommy Lee. Fowl, who was shot to death in February 2019, and British, who was killed a month later, were both gunned down with the same weapon possessed by Lee in 2020, according to a ballistics investigation.

Even thought the weapon has also been linked to three other non-fatal shootings, Lee’s lawyer contends his client’s innocence and the police have yet to charge the dancehall mainstay with either of the murders.