Soulja Boy aka Big Drako is always in the headlines… usually for claiming that he started someone else’s wave. Just last month the rapper was in the headlines for his Twitter back and forth with WWE wrestler, Randy Orton. The rapper has been using his spare time to play with fans on the gaming service Twitch which now may have just popped off a new deal for the “Crank That” rapper.

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Soulja Boy shared that he freestyled a song that is now going viral called “She Make It Clap” which is now making its rounds heavily on TikTok once a dance challenge emerged with the single.

“Should I sign this major label record deal today or stay independent? She make it clap went viral without a label I get 100% of all the money. But I want my career at the next level. Idk,” he asked fans on Twitter.


Well, it seems as though the rapper has come to a decision after news broke that he has signed to Virgin Music. The subtle announcement has fans realizing that Soulja is serious about getting back on the charts. “Welcome to the fam @souljaboy [red heart emoji] #VirginMusicFam,” wrote the record label.

“Thank you,” Soulja Boy responded with a mix of emojis.

Could it be possible that Soulja Boy will dominate the charts? What do you think the rapper’s sound would be like in this era? We’ll be tuned in!