When the warm weather hits and the humidity starts to work on our hair we instinctively go to our universal go to to look-The Ponytail. She’s our best hairstyle friend in the rain, after working out, when it gets too hot out to breathe and she’s always there for us even if just out of sheer convenience. There are so many options when it comes to the pony but this spring we are going long and adding length to create a look that’s classy, bougie and ratchet at the same time. Whether you slick it back with gel, throw it up in top-knot, add some braids in the front or take your pony out the pack from the beauty supply store.  What makes the pony so versatile is that all hair types and textures can achieve this look.  Convenient, simple yet chic, these looks are also oh so glam.  Check out some of our favorite pony styles.  

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Mid Braided Pony 

Mullato looks hot in a mid braided pony.  Slick you’re the top portion of your hair back using a holding gel (mix in a little leave in conditioner to keep your hair from drying. Grab your best extension piece, pop it on and your ready to go from  day to night.  


Bubble Pony 

Black girls have been creating the bubble ponytail long before it was a trend on Tic-Toc.  Back them instead of using extensions we’d use colored bobo’s that match our outfits. Yara Shahidi chose extensions to create this always stunning pony. Get the look.by securing the top of your hair into the desired height, next,  tease the pony or wig piece with a brush to give it texture more for thin strands, form and secure each bubble with an elastic until you reach the ends.  

Genie Pony

It’s all in the details for Regina King whose photo shoot ready pony is braided, wrapped and natural.  To create this look take the top section of hair (bought or your own) and braid it leaving the bottom portion loose. Next, wrap the braided section around the top part of your natural pony to create a top knot letting the remaining part hang loose to add volume tease until you achieve your desired look.    

Corkscrew braided pony

When you want to give your pony a little extra drama. Megan glamorously poses with her pony wearing a corkscrew braid created by her hairstylist Kellon Deryck. To get the look he slicked her hair into a tight ponytail and used hair extensions to achieve the long braid. Finish by wrapping  wire around the lengthy pony to create its dramatic shape.    

Invisible pony 

This no fuss look is perfect  for day or night.If you’re a natural girl then a natural puff is a perfect way to flaunt what your mama gave you and if you don’t have the length to pull this look off then just buy a few bundles to fit your texture fluff and flaunt. 

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