Charles Barkley is letting it be known he isn’t rooting for the Brooklyn Nets to win the NBA championship.

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Barkley and the TNT crew members were talking after the Boston Celtics-Los Angeles Lakers game on Thursday night. Barkley was talking about how the Washington Wizards could be a dangerous early opponent if they make the playoffs. He then mentioned that he would root for anyone who is facing the Nets.

“I’m always going to root against Brooklyn,” Barkley said. “I don’t like the way they put the team together. You know I’m never going to be a proponent of guys teaming up. Never going to be for it. I’m rooting for anybody to beat Brooklyn.”


Barkley’s words seem to come from the way the Nets built their championship-contending roster. The problem with Barkley’s comments and those who may feel the same way is, what exactly did the Nets do wrong?

The Nets signed Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving as free agents and then proceeded to trade away young assets for James Harden.

Barkley has a right to his opinion but the Nets haven’t broken any rules and superteams are something that will continue to happen.