The original dancers for Bell Biv DeVoe, Str8 Ahead, take us back on Soul Train BET to one of the most memorable times in hip hop. 

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Debra Moton, Nikita Leone, Towilla ‘Tee, Marzella ‘Pluke’ Lewis Most known for their infamous ‘Poison’ choreography and influence on B.B.D’.s fashion style, these women quietly changed the course of hip hop. St8 Ahead changed the style and choreography during the infamous golden era. Their clothes and sexy moves were copied by girls all over the world.

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Whether it was their signature dance moves or high ponytail through the top of their baseball cap—these women undeniably started trends.Even though they were sought after and their choreography immediately catching on they still didn’t realize they were a part of history in the making. True to the saying, ‘Behind every bad man is a woman…’ serves true. Hip Hop wouldn’t be where it is without the movers and shakers—the women in thie industry.Let’s give them their flowers, thank you ladies for making hip hop fun!
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