‘Dating consultant’ Kevin Samuels sat down with Joe Budden on The Joe Budden Podcast and shared that he rates rapper Saweetie an adjustable 6.
He then commenced to rate several celebrity women and what they are worth based on his scale. He said that women think they are 10’s but it’s simply not true.

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During the sit-down, Budden wanted to know why Samuels rated the Bay Area rapper as a six on a scale of one to 10. Samuels called her “an adjustable six, meaning she could go from cute to pretty.”

Saweetie sinful colors

“I look at you fresh-faced, no makeup, your natural state and if you have ever seen her pictures, fresh-faced, natural state, she’s a cute woman who can be pretty,” said Samuels. “But I don’t think she’s ever gonna be considered to be beautiful or gorgeous. That does not mean she’s bad, but there has to be—.” He was interrupted by Budden.


“But what if she’s already considered to be beautiful and gorgeous?” asked the podcast host. Samuels spoke about our current culture where every woman believes she’s a 10 but it isn’t reality, while someone else argued that if women really loved themselves they wouldn’t “wear a sh*t ton of makeup every day” or spend so long getting ready before going out.

This is part of the reason why women feel pressured to look a particular way. Why every instagram model is in a rush to snap back after birth and why every body shape is beginning to look the same.

Fast forward to the 36:00 mark and tell us what you think about Samuels rating scale.

Ladies what would we rate the guys on the show?