After spending seven years behind bars, Bobby Shmurda is a free, and changed man. Since his release, he has been more focused on trying to build a name for himself, one that was interrupted when he was arrested and put in jail back in 2014. Even though he was arrested very early in his career, Shmurda wants to give advice to young rappers coming up in the game.

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Shmurda recently sat down with Maino for the Kitchen Talk podcast where the two talked about Bobby’s career and his incarceration.

“I wanted to really be serious sometimes and let kids know the opportunities they got,” said Shmurda. “Sh*t where we’re coming from ’cause now, all these young rappers are dying. All the sh*t out here right now. N*ggas thinking that sh*t cool, bruh. That sh*t like, who becomes—you come from the street my n*gga.”


Shmurda then added that as a rapper coming from the streets, your main concern is beefing with other rappers.

“I don’t want to call these names, but you know how these n*ggas is,” the rapper added. “The act like all this crazy sh*t but once they get locked up or once anything happen they—that’s why I tell them, when you get to this Rap life, you better appreciate that sh*t. Especially where we come from.”

You can watch the cliip below