Just like normal people, celebrities have opinions about everything and some are brave enough to take their opinions to social media. With that, comes the possibility of pissing off some of your viewers. DaBaby has seemed to do just that after making fun of a flight attendant’s hairstyle, which the rapper is now facing backlash for his comments.

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In the video posted to the rapper’s Instagram story, DaBaby points a camera to the flight attendant on board. “We ain’t finna act like she ain’t just jump outta bed,” the rapper wrote as a caption over the video. “We gone pay all that for the flight, you gone comb your hair,” he said as the woman walked by. “That’s the least you can do. Bottom line.”

While some may have thought that the rapper was funny, others found the comments to be highly insensitive. “He’s so loud too so I know she heard…ugh he’s gross, You shouldn’t treat people that way,” one user commented.


“You can always tell a person’s character by how they treat people they feel like they’re doing better than. This sh*t lame,” another commented.

“He doesn’t know what kind of morning this woman had, so corny,” another stated.

Although the “BOP” rapper is receiving backlash, it is clear that he is unphased by the public’s disagreement with his comments. The rapper went on to perform at a concert in Orlando and hasn’t spoken further on the matter.

Maybe the rapper should keep his comments in his close friends. Should DaBaby have kept his comments to himself?

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