Roaring back onto the global rap game on a tank half full of raw rap energy and a boundless charisma-dripped style, That’s Trip’s latest smash single is a spectacle. It infuses tight, ferocious flows to a raw energy-drenched atmosphere as we are taken deep into a gritty world of outrageous bars and demonic delivery. It really grabs you right from the start and draws you right into the story which is based around the hip-hop hustle lifestyle.

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Unlike his other songs, this track has more universal appeal than usual. It blurs the line between heavy trap and classical lyrical style in a furious flurry of fast flows. The genius world plays are intricately intoxicating as we feel every punchline with a fiery ferocity that puts the rappers presence centre stage. It was written as a bold statement to always keep chasing your dreams and never stop grinding. That everything you’ve wanted for so long is within reach all we have to do is put in the work.

At the same time though, Thats Trip dosen’t forget about all the good times. This is evident in the feel-good music video that takes us deep into a real-life party. It’s crafted in such a way that it feels like we’re right there with him. The authentically-drenched visual compliment the fiery track perfectly as he effortlessly flows over bass-heavy beats. It even features his cousin Trizzley that adds a certain magic to the track through his unmatchable rap style.