Most of us (if you are black and Latina) have been pulling out our baby hairs since the beginning of time.  But over the past few years, our edges have become our number one accessory and have reemerged swooped, gelled, and laid. Your look just isn’t complete unless your baby hairs are perfectly sculpted. Styling the fine hair around your hairline using a toothbrush, rat-tail comb, or even our fingers has become works of art. The key to keeping them laid and healthy is to baby them edges with a little TLC.  Follow these anti edge breakage tips to keep your looks right all summer long:

  • Gels can be drying and lead to breakage so try not to use edge control daily and be sure to give your edges a little extra protection by using a leave in before applying.  
  • Be  sure your wigs don’t rub or add any  friction to your edges. No were not telling you to not wear your wig just install them as gently as possible.  
  • When  your edges begin to feel dry and brittle and  become uneven in length,  this is a key sign that breakage will occur,  hydrate with deep conditioners and  protein shampoos.    

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There’s a skill to styling your baby hair and  If creating the perfect swoop is not your talent then take a look at the baby hair tutorial by Saweetie via Instagram or keep scrolling to see how our favorite artists are rocking there’s.  

Flo Milli lays and smooths her swoops with gel


Chloe Bailey swooped to perfection

HER making waves 

India love creates the perfect ringlets

JT from the City girl keep hers looking natural.