Fresh off his new deal with Universal Music Publishing Group, Chi Chi is keeping the foot on the gas. He calls on 4PF’s Rylo Rodriguez for their latest track “Mo Money Mo Followers.

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Over the past year, Chi Chi has continued to make a name for himself. He co-produced three tracks (“Solid,” “Social Distancing,” “Get Money”) on Lil Baby’s triple-platinum sophomore album, My Turn. He also linked with the 4PF CEO for his recent track, “On Me.”

His distinct sound was heard throughout BRS Kash’s hit song, “Throat Baby,” as a co-producer, Gucci Mane’s Trap God Classics and Rylo Rodriguez’s G.I.H.F. Now he and Rylo are back again with another collaboration.


Their latest track is entitled, “Mo Money, Mo Followers.” On the smooth track, Rylo Rodriguez gets into his duffle bag as he reminisces about his come up and the changes around him that has come with his success.

Ain’t asking God for no money
I pray my ni**as all real

I got more fans than last year
I’m still hotter than last year

“Mo Money Mo Followers” comes after a groundbreaking 2020 for both Chi Chi and Rylo. With the release of their new track, their seamless chemistry shines unequivocally. We can certainly expect more collaborations between the hit producer and 4PF rapper.