Known for his euphoric performance, BeTru is one of the most revered singers in Kosovo. The boundary-breaking artist is officially releasing a new project called “Forever PM,” which pays tribute to his late music partner PM. The artist talks about growing up in Kosovo streets, and the rough environments, to his music partner dying and accepting grief as part of life. He recalls that both musicians were scheduled to conquer the industry until PM unexpectedly died. 

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The story of fearlessness fits into BeTru’s description during this challenging moment. On this project, he shares thoughts, visuals, and vocals of lyricist PM. The iconic rapper reveals how he met PM and spontaneously started making music together, but when the brother died, the tone of the music shifted. BeTru describes their working relationship as one defined by attention, both musical and emotional. It’s evident he still has a deep reservoir of emotions for PM. Despite the feelings of it all, he specifies that “Forever PM” has a history before and after PM’s life.

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