President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris called the family of George Floyd following the guilty verdict against former police officer Derek Chauvin.

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Video from the call hit online and Biden stated to the family “Nothing is going to make it all better, but at least now there is some justice.” He would also echo the words of Floyd’s daughter, Gianna, “my dad is going to change the world.”

“He is going to start to change it now,” Biden said. “You are an incredible family. I wish I were there just to put arms around you.”


After the phone call, Biden spoke from the White House, declaring the conviction “can be a giant step forward” against systemic racism, but also stated “we can’t stop here.”

The AP records Biden and Harris called on COngress to address policing reform, which incldues a bill named after Floyd.

“‘I can’t breathe.’ Those were George Floyd’s last words,” Biden said. “We can’t let those words die with him. We have to keep hearing those words. We must not turn away. We can’t turn away.”

Harris would highlight how America is hindered as a whole.

“It is not just a Black America problem or a people of color problem. it is a problem for every American,” she said. “It is holding our nation back from reaching our full potential.”