According to a report from the Atlanta Black Star, a white Tennessee mother called the cops on her daughter’s Black, 17-year-old boyfriend, but now she regrets it after the cops arrive and shoot the teenager.

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Regina Perkins called the cops on 17-year-old Anthony Thompson Jr. after her daughter, Alexus Page, alleged that Thompson, her boyfriend of nine months, had physically assaulted her. Page said that her boyfriend hit her in the face and pulled her hair on April 12, which prompted her mother to call the authorities after she could not get a hold of Thompson’s mother.

Perkins advised the authorities that she didn’t believe that Thompson had a weapon, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations claimed that the teen had a gun.


The police attempted to detain Thompson while in school, enlisting several officers and a school safety officer, who was shot in the leg during a confrontation in the school’s bathroom.. It was proven that the bullet that hit the officer did not come from a weapon possessed by Thompson, but he was killed in that confrontation.

“I am so sorry and I never meant for anything to happen to him,” Perkins said. “We are mourning. My daughter is grieving the loss of her first love and we also want answers and justice in this case.”

“[Alexus] loved him, she really did,” she said. “He was a good kid. He had dreams and goals, but he had some struggles. They both have gone through a lot of things and, as a parent, I felt it was necessary to protect her after I saw things were heading in the wrong direction the last few months…That child should not be dead. We all want justice for Anthony. He should still be here.”