The relationship between a fan and a celebrity is quite a growing one. The closer you may feel to a celebrity the more comfortable you are to … call them by their government name? At least, in this case. Yung Miami of the City Girls is really irritated with fans for not using her stage name when they see her in public.

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The QC female rap signee posted a few tweets regarding her frustration and then went on Instagram live to further explain why she prefers for fans to use her stage name. “When somebody say ‘Caresha’ I feel like you know me, because nobody call me Caresha. So I look and I’m like ‘b*tch what the fuck,'” the rapper begins before responding to a fan in the live stream.

Yung Miami then shares that she doesn’t want to seem mean to anyone because that is not her character, and continues to explain why she doesn’t want to be called by her government name. “You call me by my name like you know me, you walking up on me like You know me and I got my baby so now at this point it’s like ‘Hoe what'” the rapper stated.


While some seem to think that the rapper is being ridiculous, others can see where the rapper is coming from and plan to respect her wishes, check out the feedback below!

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