Nick Young and Iggy Azalea had the spotlight on their relationship before the couple called it quits. The professional NBA player and rap star were engaged for about a year before their publicized split. As time passed along, Young and his current fiancee, Keonna Green would welcome their second child into the world after what was described as a “weak moment.”

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Iggy explained that she was never made aware of Green’s bun in the oven, and when the news broke that she was expecting, Iggy tweeted that the news was a “second shot to the chest” following her split with Nick Young.

Nick Young and Keonna Green addressed the situation in a forthcoming episode of “Behind Every Man.” “Keonna, her just being my first love, I felt like we was always gon’ have some type of relationship, if not be in a relationship,” Young said in the clip.


“We were never intimate until maybe 2015,” Green said. “Maybe a year later? Um, we had a weak moment and from that came my daughter.”

Green then addressed how the public portrayed her in the media, denying claims that she was a mistress. I’m not what everybody has painted me out to be,” she stated. It’s very hurtful seeing a picture of me in a tabloid and it has mistress. That’s not how my grandmother raised me to be. That’s not how my mother raised me to be. And I know everyone’s like, ‘Yeah, be stronger than that. You should have left him and moved on with your life.’ I want to see a woman who hasn’t had a situation like that before,” Green says before referring to Nick as her first love.

Watch the clip below as Green and Young explain their love story.