Being the child of a celebrity may have its ups..and its downs. Back in 2019, Deyjah Harris, daughter of T.I. found herself in almost every headline following her father’s remarks about her hymen. The entire ordeal lasted a while as it was the topic in talk shows, interviews, and even social media memes. Since then, T.I. and his daughter have seemed to make amends however, due to the previous controversy, Deyjah feels she can no longer speak about her father on social media.

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On her Instagram, Deyjah hosted a “Ask Me Anything” segment where someone asked her, “Why did you delete the tweet of your dad randomly waking you up with juice?”

Deyjah responded by saying, “because instead of people focusing on the main part of the tweet (that it felt like I caught a charlie horse in my neck.. weird but that’s exactly how it felt) they only focused on some damn juice … and then started making DISGUSTING assumptions.”


“I’m the type of person to include every detail in a story lol,” she added. “Imma tell you what time it was, what color the sky was, what type of mattress i was laying on (I’m being facetious but y’all get what I’m saying!!) so that’s why i said the juice part, what time it was, etc. but it was completely blown out of proportion.”

“I know that if I said my mom brought the juice, it wouldn’t have been as serious,” Deyjah included in the response. “Which made me feel bad because i know that i can no longer speak on him anymore (on social media). that was my fault though, i should’ve just kept to myself instead of thinking i could be open with twitter like that, that’s my fault.”

Check out the tweet below!