One of the final public moments of DMX’s life was his VERZUZ battle with Snoop Dogg. The camaraderie of the two rap icons was on full display and in a recent interview with Ebro in the Morning, Snoop reflected on his memories of X.

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“DMX like old-school cars, and I got like about 20 of them,” Snoop said. “One night I’m sitting in the back and cuz jump in the passenger seat, and we’re just there chopping it up listening to old-school music. If you know anything about DMX, you know he don’t fuck with rap. That nigga don’t fuck with no rap. So I’m playing all this old-school music, it’s turning this nigga on he’s singing all the words, he more into it than me!”

Snoop would reveal the possibly posthumous album from DMX was completely done at his studio. You can hear the full interview below.


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