Yesterday, the late rapper DMX was honored in a beautiful tribute held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.
Motorcycles, four-wheelers, and dirt bikes revved down NYC streets blasting DMX songs surrounding his bright red casket on top of a monster truck.
The services started with Kanye West’s Sunday Service choir who turned it out with a touching performance. Sending chills through the building and to viewers who watched through YouTube, West and his team delivered.

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The service also featured remembrances from family, including his 15 children, and friends. “Our father is a king,” one of DMX’s sons, Xavier, said. “Our father is an icon. I am so honored to have a father, a father like we have,” he said. “This man deepened my ability to love.”
He shared the rapper  taught him to“always say ‘thank you,’” and “no matter where you go, a blessing is everywhere,” and “be kind to everyone.” “DMX was not just a rapper, he was the best dad ever,” another son, Manny, said, sharing a rap he wrote about his father. One of his young daughters, Sonovah Junior, performed a rap she wrote in his memory, saying, “I learned so much from my father. He taught me to be strong.”

Longtime friend and collaborator Swizz Beats shared his disappointment with people showing up following DMX’s passing.
“I just wish all these people showed up for him when he was here.”


“This man needed everybody. He didn’t need everybody when he was not here. He needed everybody when he was here.”

“A lot of people ain’t your friends. A lot of people ain’t your family,” Swizz Beatz said, urging people to have their final wishes in order. “You have to do your will. You do not want strangers, bloodsuckers, handling your business when you’re not here. You want the ones that you love handling your businesses.”

As someone who spent time with him before the world considered him an icon I can truly say, the service was everything DMX would have wanted. I fought back tears thinking about us two driving down 125th street in Harlem in his convertible rental with the top down. The Notorious B.I.G had just passed 2 months prior. After listening to me rap an entire Biggie verse followed by my long rant about Biggie being the best to ever do it, I saw that competitive MC look in his eyes. D looked over at me with the most determination in his eyes I have EVER seen and said to me, “I’m gonna be even better.”

Gone but never forgotten, rest in power king.

Service starts at 2:35:00 mark