In the dating world, everyone has their turn-offs and attractions. Alexis Skyy is letting Instagram know about her latest turn-off, after going on an Instagram rant about men who “run the streets.”

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“Dating a n*gga who run the streets is for TEENAGERS,” she began. “I’m a whole grown ass WOMAN! If you can’t get yo ass in this bed and lay tf down at a decent hour, then you ain’t the one for me! Y’all be thinking that sh*t cool when a n*gga trap all day, be in another b*tch face all evening and come calling yo phone like ‘open the door bae’ at the crack of f*cking DAWN.”

“I could NEVER!!!” she added. “It’s called RESPECT, MORALS, STANDARDS! ‘Grown’ relationships don’t have continuous revolving doors. Get You a MAN MAN SIS PERIOD.”


Although the relationship status of Alexis Skyy is unknown, fans are assuming that the Instagram model could be having trouble with her new rumored boo. Other fans are focused on the fact that Alexis Skyy’s mindset has clearly matured since her early days in the game.