Back near the top of the year, Conway the Machine raised the eyebrows of fans when it appeared he hinted at beef within the Griselda collective.

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First, Conway addressed a fan about not being in any part of the Griselda original film Conflicted. From there it led to a stream of tweets across the weekend, one of which read “What would that shit be WITHOUT machine??”

Conway got a little more direct when asked about his status with the crew, stating “No I still have 1 album left” hinting that may be the end of his run. You can see all his tweets below and let’s hope the team stays together.


Now Conway has directly addressed the moment, while he promoted his La Maquina effort at Hot 97.

“It’s kind of amusing,” Conway said to the Ebro in the Morning team. “I was having a little fun with the shit actually. That ain’t the case. We all good. We in this shit so deep now that everybody on their own thing. Like West got the store, the clothing line. He’s having kids at a rapid rate. He has his family and shit. Benny, he has BSF. He has artists he’s trying to push and things he’s trying to do, a sports firm. Benny on fire. We ain’t really have the time to mob together all the time. We all live in different cities now. Life is treating us differently. When we together, we together.”

You can hear it below.