Flo Milli gives us a sneak peak into her hair sanctuary, at least that is what we think and we are loving it.  Last week, the Alabama born rapper had us all in our ‘we need to invest in new bundles’ feelings when she posted up in front of a wall of wigs and a display of lashes at an unknown beauty supply store on Instagram. What made this post so great? Not only did Flo Milli look drop dead gorgeous but reminded us of how our hair allows us to be the chameleons we are. For some of us, hair is our number one accessory and in a matter of a week one person’s hair can go from long to short, bold color and back to its natural state and that’s just what you see on Instagram.  We’ve made the art of switching it up look easy. versatility has become second nature to us and the use of wigs and weaves have made this process even more exciting.  Also, let’s consider the amount of money we spend on hair. As technology improves, wigs and weaves have evolved into a billion dollar business. According to the Global Outlook & Forecast Report, the global hair, wigs and extension market is estimated to reach more than $10 billion by 2023. In other words we invest a lot in those bundles. “There’s power in the Black dollar,” (Nielsen Report) and the images we put out there.  Flo Milli had us stare at every wig in the photo wondering which styles are her staples.  For us, what would be more exciting is if the money were circulating in our communities and supporting black and brown businesses.  It’s crucial to building generational wealth and creating unity.   The conversation starts here at HERSource.  We want to hear from you. Tell us what are your favorite beauty brands owned by people of color?  Put them in the comments below.  

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