“She’s a chameleon of the culture, The angel of reinvention,” Some say. “Trendsetter.” We say Saweetie’s a beauty and style risk-taker. Depending on the mood, the project, the outfit, the message conveyed, or simply convenience, it looks to us as the art of transforming her hair is just what she loves to do. And we’re sure a glam squad at your beck and call makes it all look very easy.

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Armed with her signature baby hair and lashes, Saweetie can switch it up on you real quick going from a long wig one day to bubble gum pink the next. (wink wink-We see you, sis). The moment we see her with a new hairstyle we are all over it taking screenshots, planning and plotting our next beauty supply run, or saving up for the bundles we’ll need to achieve the look-Simply put, her hairstyles are on our Pretty Summer Playlist.  Take a look at some of our favorite looks from the woman who loves to switch it up.

Braided and on vacay


The blonde Bombshell

In a blue kind of mood 

“Pretty Bitch Summer bout to be Lit”  with a curly updo

Keeping those baby hairs laid

On fire in red

Bubble gum pink on the best friend video