An autopsy was recently performed on Friday star, Tommy “Tiny Lister Jr, after his death in December of last year. The L.A. County Medical Examiner had stated that lister had tested positive for COVID-19 at the time of his death, but the cause of his death was due to heart disease.

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In documents that were obtained by TMZ, Listers autopsy revealed that the actor died of hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. At the time of his death, Lister had fluid in his chest. Additionally, he had an enlarged heart with high blood pressure, poor circulation in his legs and coronary artery disease.

Tommy’s manager, Cindy Cowan had said that Lister had been experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 in the days leading up to his death and that he had tested positive four months prior to his death. However, Lister was never hospitalized and was told to just stay home and quarantine. Cowan said that a week before his passing, Lister was supposed to come by her home, but stayed at home because he thought he had contracted the virus again.


Family members and others close to Lister became worried when they hadn’t heard from him for days. His bout with COVID-19 leading up to his death caused him to cancel the first few days of filming a new movie with Avatar lead, Sam Worthington, and a Zoom appearance for a panel at a TV festival. A wellness check was performed on Lister, who was found unconscious in his Los Angeles home, and was declared dead at the scene.