Ah, the pain.

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Many of us are all too familiar with the agony of a missed opportunity; money left on the table due to the simple act of missing a call, text, or—in the age of social media—a DM.

T-Pain most recently became acquainted with this reality after discovering the “Request” tab in his Instagram DMs, not realizing that there was a separate folder for messages from those that he does not follow. The rapper opted to take a comedic approach to the dilemma, creating a video in which he apologizes to the alleged “hundreds” of celebs that he accidentally ignored as a screen recording on these missed messages scrolls by in real-time.


“I swear!! I’m just now seeing all these messages and mentions TODAY,” he wrote in a caption. “How do I super apologize? Press conference? Town hall meeting? I’m dumb”

Among names on the star-studded list were story mentions from the likes of Lala Anthony, Fergie, and Nickelodeon while he missed full-blown messages from names that include Diplo, YBN Nahmir, and even Viola Davis’ team.

“I’ve been accidentally straight up ignoring all these people for like two years, ” the rapper pens in the clip. “I apologize to everybody on this list and hundreds of others I couldn’t fit in this video. […] I’m stupid.”