In what would be a normal routine for the day, on the night of February 24th, Lady Gaga and her dog walker, Ryan Fischer would be surprised after a group of men attempted to snatch the Grammy Award winning singer’s French bulldogs. The attempt resulted in Fischer being shot in the chest after resisting to give away the dog’s at the snatchers command.

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As Fischer recovered from his injuries, Gaga offered a $500K reward to anyone who could return her dogs. Jennifer McBride, 50, would walk into the Los Angeles police station, claiming that she had found the missing pets tied to a pole on the street.

Thursday, April 29th the Los Angeles police Department shared that they have arrested 5 individuals in connection to the case, including McBride to claimed to have found the dogs, in hopes to receive the reward.


18-year-old James Jackson,19-year-old Jaylin White and 27-year-old Lafayette Whaley face charges on attempted murder as it is believed that they are responsible for the attack on Fischer. Whaley is said to be facing additional charges for conspiracy to commit robbery and second-degree robbery, while White is also facing charges for assault, likely to produce bodily injury.

Harold White, 40, is said to have been the father of Jaylin White, authorities say that Harold is in a relationship with Jennifer McBride, for their part in the crime, investigators have charged them with accessory.

Authorities also state that they believe that the criminals were targeting the dogs because of their great value, in fact they believe that the criminals were not trying to take them due to who they belonged to.