Yaya Mayweather, aka MoneyYaya, aka NBA YaYa has gone on social media to give her supporters an update on how life is as a mom. The 20-year-old has recently welcomed Nba Young Boy’s sixth child, Kentrell Jr. into the world in January of 2021. Since her son has been born, Yaya has not exposed her son to social media out of worry of potential negativity from haters on the net.

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In an Instagram live video, Yaya shares that she may potentially show her son once he turns one year old but she isn’t sure if that’s what she wants to do or not because “people on the internet are so negative,” and “so mean.”

Yaya also shares that she is the happiest he has ever been since being a mom. “How’s Mom life? It’s amazing so good I love being a mother. I’m honestly the happiest I’ve ever been like ever, it’s just amazing,” she answered a fan. “I just wanted to come on here and show you guys that your girl is happy.”


We’re happy to see that Yaya is enjoying the mommy life! Check out the clip below.