Talk about flipping the script.

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While he currently campaigns for his Michigan Boat Boy effort, Lil Yachty has also decided to turn the tables on his often-debated affinity for nail art. Monday (May 3rd), the Atlanta rapper announced his newest Crete brand, a line of nail paints geared toward all genders.

“For you. Not them,” reads the new product’s tag line. Yachty, has been rocking personalized nails for some time now, flexing manicures and pedicures among a host of other male entertainers who have opted into the trend as of late. A line from Yachty, of course, makes the most sense as the once-crowned “King of the Teens” has remained consistent in his choice.


Per Lil Boat, the full line will debut on May 21st, adding what’s sure to be another lucrative stream to the young rapper’s repertoire. This year, Yachty also secured a partnership with Reese’s Puff breakfast cereal, tasked with rewriting the brand’s rap jingle.