After recently becoming the second best-selling sports drink in America, BodyArmor is debuting its largest marketing push ever in terms of budget and reach.

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Titled “One More,” the campaign features a mix of amateur and professional athletes putting in the work to perfect their craft away from the spotlight. The familiar faces include James Harden, Naomi Osaka, Mookie Betts, Sabrina Ionescu, Christian McCaffrey, Baker Mayfield, Trae Young, and Carlos Vela—all of whom are investors in BodyArmor.


This campaign focuses on the hard work, drive, and determination that so many athletes put in behind the scenes, whether it’s one more rep, one more drill, or even one more hour on the practice field after everyone else has gone home.

“Taking your game to the next level means committing to your craft, and that’s where those extra hours and late nights on the court come in, said Harden” “It’s the time that you put in when no one is watching that will make a difference down the road. I’ve been part of Team BODYARMOR for 6+ years now and they share that same mentality. We put in the work behind the scenes so that when the time comes, we’re able to reach our full potential – for us, that means being the best.”  

“One More’ is all about pushing yourself to be better than you were yesterday, said Osaka.”BODYARMOR and I share a similar mentality when it comes to striving to be the best – it’s the passion for more that sets us apart from the others.”

Founded a decade ago, BodyArmor is made with coconut water, natural flavors and no artificial coloring. It’s quickly climbed its way up through the sports drink category, attracting backers such as the late Kobe Bryant.