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For most  of us, lashes transform our entire face. Giving us that “ I woke up like this” look without having to try so hard .  You’ve seen them as long as fans or so short one would never know that one was wearing them. Falsies draw a contrast between the eye itself and the eyelid, providing definition without the clumps and flakes that mascara leaves behind . Whether they are mink, synthetic, velour or magnetic the right set of falsies provide your natural lashes with a much needed boost that make them well worth the price and effort to apply and they are not going out of style anytime soon.   Check out our list of the top 5  falsies you should be carrying in your makeup bag all summer long and our favorites who are wearing them.

Strip lashes- whatever you want your look to be. Natural or super dramatic as seen here on Mulatto. Stip lashes are usually everyone’s go to they are available in a range of sizes and price points always the lash girls favorite go to.  


Individuals-If your not a makeup artist and you dare to do this on your own we recommend you find your favorite beauty influencer and take a youtube class. In our opinion, applying individuals  should be left to the professionals. But work best when you want to spruce up areas of the eye where the lashes are thin and maintain a more natural look like you see here on Lori Harvey.

Accent Lashes– Lashes are cut into pieces and meant to be placed under the lash line for a more dramatic extension effect like you see here on Asian Doll. Again, these are used to add drama to the corners of the lids and provide fullness to sparse areas. 

Magnetics-Pop them on and pull them off when your done it’s that simple no glue or chemicals to worry about. They also have a more toned down but full lash look as seen here on model Shani Marq.

Eyelash Extensions-If you don’t have the time or patience to put on lashes everyday then make an appointment and head straight  to the salon. With a wide range of sizes and hair types the  individual lashes are applied directly onto your lids and can last about a month with proper care.   We love the length here worn by Angela Simmons.