G Herbo is facing more problems with the law.

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While the rapper happily celebrated his baby shower last weekend with his fiancée, his criminal past continues to catch up with him.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Herbo, real name, Herbert Wright III was charged with providing false statements to federal agents. He was charged by the court of Springfield, Mass.


At the end of 2020, G Herbo and five associates were accused of identity theft in order to fund a total spend of $1.5 million. The expense included private jet trips, a personal chef, a vacation at a Jamaican villa, and even two “designer puppies.”

Federal documents cite that G Herbo’s associate, Antonio Strong is the co-conspirator in question. Strong is also Herb’s business partner. According to prosecutors, Herb says he never received any monetary payments or gifts from his alleged business partner. On the contrary, the prosecutors’ document says otherwise.

“He had frequent direct contact with Strong, including telephone conversations, text messages, and Instagram direct messages,” says the document.

Back in December, he released a song and video entitled, “Statement” in response to the accusations.

“Ask about me, I ain’t never been a fraud,” he says on the track. “I worked hard from the start, in my city I’m a god, (expletive).”