Today (May 6) Meek Mill turns 34. The Philly rapper entered the game less than ten years ago, but has since risen to the top of the rap game with his four albums, Dreams and Nightmares, Dreams Worth More Than Money, Wins And Losses, Championships, and his many mixtapes, including the Dream Chasers series.

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Needless to say, his advocacy for prison reform on top of his philanthropic work over the past few years has positioned Meek to be one of Hip Hop’s most prolific, yet unrecognized artists of the new millennium. Despite his legal issues and feuds with some of the best in the game, Meek has managed to maintain his relevance.

With the success of his Free Meek documentary on Prime Video as well as the recent addition to his family, Robert Rhimeek Williams is Hip Hop’s reminder that we are always bigger than out circumstances.


Happy born day Meek! Many More!